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      Design is people.

      -Jane jacobs

      Skill & Services

      With a broad variety of clients and previous experience within the design industry, the Orium team approaches all projects with creative flair and strong technical detail. We build strong working relationships with our clients whether landlord or tenant adding measurable value embracing their future.

      Retail Delivery

      The process of stewardship of a development ensures the environment looks at its best beyond the opening day. With each new tenants arrival the space reinvents itself to capture the zeitgeist of the moment.


      Using design strategy to generate tangible change  for our clients. Helping them leverage the power of design to full effect and create rich personal experiences.

      Retail Design

      People are the constant in the retail landscape. Understanding this and anticipating peoples needs with store design helps brands connect with their communities and remain relevant. 

      Place Making

      An integral part of todays retail environment  is the ability to create destinations which offer people a sense of place. Forging emotive response patterns and return visits.

      The Company focus has always been to deliver measured value through innovative design solutions, collaboration and personal experiences, resulting in strategies relevant to a changing and diverse global market.

      Built on our love of design, culture and consumer behaviour, we strive to create environments which generate real connections.

      Site Surveys

      Design Audits

      Concept Design

      Strategy Solutions

      Planning Consents

      Tender Documentation

      Building Control

      Our Current Clients